on a dutch dyke

On April 29th we celebrated our queen Beatrix's birthday. Because our country was liberated on may 5th 1945 every year around these days there are tours and demonstrations to remember.

Today there was a tour in the surroundings of our village.
Here are some pics!

Stars ans stripes are arriving!


At first there arrived some MP's on Harley-Davidsons!
Those motorcycles were legendary because of there heavy sound.
"Liberators" became their nickname

On this pic: Henkie, our boy next door!

Then a Sherman tank arrived.
Henkie, who is really interested in worldwar II told me it had a 4" gun.

There were about 100 vehicles.
This is a White half-track


Dodge Beep with sirene

Wrecker tank based on a Sherman

Another lighter tank
Look at the foldable motorcycle on the turret !

Frist GMC 'deuce-and-a-halve'
CCKW 353 is their US army discription
It's written in my memory :-)

I think this GMC might have a civilian cab from the '50thies.
After WWII lots of GMC were converted to dump trucks or tippers. They were strong and lasted until the mid-seventies. I even know a lumberyard owner who still uses one to haul logs out of the forest!

A wrecker. Maybe a Mack or a Ward de la France. It has a diesel engine!

These guys were smoking large cigars like they were Winston Churchill himself!

I like those GMC's.
They rebuilt Europe after WWII

On the background the church of Slijk Ewijk.

White halftrack with anti-aircraft artillery

American Jeep with Dutch flag!

GMC with soldiers.
This village is named Slijk Ewijk.
Problaby 'Slijk Ewijk'  cannot be pronounced by English speaking people, in the war it was called 'Slikky Wicky' .

On the other hand 'thank you very much' was converted by the Dutch to 'thank you for de muts'  (what means: thank you for the hat ;-)

Red barets: paratroopers!

Vieuw on the dyke

Canadian truck

Just one kick and this 60 year old piece of history started and the MP drove off.


Militairy vehicles belong is a museum and war is no fun at all.
Just a few meters from the church in the pics there is a cementary -like every village in our neigbourhood has- for  allied soldiers and airman who died  in worldwar II for our liberty.

Cementry in Slijk Ewijk.
Youngest soldier was only 20 years old.....



- D-day stranden in Normandie
- U-boot in Laboe bij Kiel
La-coupole V2 bunker
Tankmuseum in Munster, Duitsland
Fort Eustis Militair museum USA

Our road trip to the Bulge / Ardennen.

Museum in Calais

Ardennen 1 (diorama)
Ardennen 2 (diorama)
Ardennen 3 (diorama)