Towmotor Forklifts Corporation Ohio USA



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Towmotors are fine American forklifts ! .

People often ask me for parts or documantation.
I'm sorry but I don't have any parts or data.

Some parts can be obtained at
caterpillar parts  

Mr Jared Rea from Austral Star LLC Elevators & Dumbwaiters (Utah USA) re-wired his Towmotor. He is a friendly man and likes to share his electric schematic with all Towmotor enthousiasts:
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Towmotor is out off business for over 30 years.
Documentation is rare - I don't have any.

100 years forklift
Very good book. Complete history of almost every forklift brand ever made. This is a must have for forklift-enthousiasts!
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PARTS like power steering alternators starters alternator starter manifold manifolds engine hydrolic hydro seal seals
Sealkit kit sealings gasket gascet filters filter sparks distribution gears gearbox gear tires tyre LPG propane forks rolls
sparks sparkplugs bearings AC delco bosch levers valves heads flathead bolts screws fork forks forklift
pump oilpump waterpump water pump oil lubricant maintenance vbelt v belt