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Towmotor Forklifts Corporation Ohio USA



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Welcome to the TOWMOTOR fansite !

This is page III
On this page are pictures and 'history part 2" of this unique real American forklift.

Most pictures can be enlarged by clicking on it.
We hope you like it!

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My brother and I with my brothers antique Towmotor.


WW II Towmotor


I am writing a book on a company that assembled military vehicles for the British during World War 2. They put together from crated components these Towmotors... do you know which model it is please or anyone that might know? It would be from around 1943.

Southampton, England
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Page II


forklift from Arizona.
(Daytemperature between 110F and 119F ! perfect dry heat ... humidity avg here is only 12%)

Hello again Geert, a year ago I was telling you we had an very old Tow Motor Forklift Model 302SLP2524 . We have had it worked on and it is now being used daily but being treated kindly since it is in it's senior years since we think it is about a 1964 model - but not sure! Still runs great. "

Gordon Stone
Nova Digital, LLC
505 W 8th Ave #15
Mesa, AZ 85210


Mr Watson wrote to me:
My name is Randy Watson and I have come across a very unusual forklift. It is a towmotor forklift. The model # 601PG5024 & the serial # 601P670006. It stills runs. I am doing some minor repairs for a charity group. They own the lift. It's got a flathead 4 cylinder in it, power steering and a clutch. I have approximately 80 forklifts that I have purchased for the company that I work for. I have never seen such a vintage forklift. I thought some of the old Yale forklifts that I used to have were dinosaurs! This one must have came over during the Boston Tea Party era. Please advise. Thanks, RW

Towmotor from Finland.

This is my forklift!
Towmotor LT 40 model - serial no 405081

thank you
Ralf Björklund
Kirkkonummi Finland

Concentration in Almere (Holland)
This is the antique Towmotor from
Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe BV . In the pic it is used  for a forkliftdrivers game celebrating the 100,000 forklift built in Almere !

18 tons Heavy machine !
Equipped with container forks

Towmotor in Holland
Rien en Marleen Spek

Same model in the United Kingdom.
Photo send by Sue from Finning Caterpillar Forklifts.

Towmotor in the USA

US army Towmotor
Fully overhauled - can be seen in the Dutch
General George C. Marshall museum (Zwijndrecht)
More info: Marshallmuseum

Blue Towmotor
Owned by mr Gallion, living on a Washinton state island at the Pacific coast.
Old machine - but in very good running condition.

Oldie with solid tires


Mexican Towmotor
This is a 13,000 lbs. Towmotor liftruck, that I have recently purchased. My intention is to overhaul it. The only information that I have is the serial number. (s/n/ B100150).

Greetings from Mexico,

Jay B. Curts

Mr Graham Warner, THE forklift specialist from Australia writes that this model Towmotor might be a 10.000 LBS machine  since it has a serial no. starting with B10

Picture was e-mailed to me by Mr Richard
Bailey who wrote to me:

Hi Geert,

I saw your web site - it's great!

Mr. Lester Sears founded Towmotor in 1919, with the help of his father (for a little money). Mr. Sears was the one who required the red colored wheels  (and many other things). The company made factory Tow Tractors until 1933 when Mr. Sears designed the first cantilevered fork lift and sold many to the Stevedore companies in the U.S.

I went to work for Towmotor in the 50's - after many of the trucks in your pictures were built, and stayed with them, and CAT, and now work part time for Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift, in Houston Texas.  It would be interesting if you could turn up a photo of the model 590 - an forklift with an articulated front end - it swiveled around so it could operate in narrow aisles.  Very unique.

They were great trucks. 

Richard Bailey

In the lobby of MCFA -- Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America.
It was built in the U.S. in 1947.


Towmotor model 590 
Also called 'the snake' or 'the sidewinder' as mr Scott Morford told me.

I am from Corning, New York, USA and I will send you some pictures of my Towmotor 590. I just purchased this unit. I don’t have a lot of history on it. The previous owner was a FORD Automotive Dealership in a near by town. They have used the machine for several years to unload and load auto parts. I plan to use it for my equine feed and bedding business. Any information that anyone is willing to share about this model will be appreciated.       
Thank you,
Larry F. Marsh


Towmotor model 590 !!
An forklift with an articulated front end - it swiveled around so it could operate in narrow aisles.  Very unique.

Still going strong in Scotland

Towmotor from Iceland !

These pics where sended by mr Atli Stefansson from Iceland.
Mr Stevansson is a real machine collector: In this pics I spotted several old tractors, a 4x4 and even an airoplane ! There must also be about 25 boat engines...About this forklift Mr Stevansson writes me:


The history of this forklift is known after it came to west part of Iceland. It was imported used as a part of US army or navy when they came to Icland in 1944 to take over from British troops guarding the country in WW2. In 1949 the US did start to sell surpus all types of stuff including 3 of this type of forklifts. These machines are for sure the first forklifts in the country and did see use in Reykjavik harbor for the forces. One stayed in Reykjavik harbor and was used until ca 1965 on the harbor. The owner was then the town of Reykjavik. The other two did go to west fjords: One to The CO:OP in Thingeyri and the other to EG company in Bolungarvik. Both places are near Isafjord where I have been for the last 13 years. The one that went to Thingeyri in 1949 was put into the hands of a young man (in those days...) and was in his care until the CO:OP closed in 2001. It has allways been stored inside and used properly all years. When the CO:OP folded he got permission to keep it and try to get someone to save it from skrap. Well, there I came in the pic. To stupid to say no I guess. The care taker is not so young any more, getting close to 80 years old but still fit and with sound mind. He did tell my that in 1951 the engine in the forklift was getting difficult to start and when inspected it came apparent that it was very mutch used and in needed an overhaul. They did send the engine to a then new company in Reykjavik. (and for the record this was the first complete overhaul for this company. I did get copy of the original work order and the company is willing to put some money to preserve this piece of history when a new home is found.) The other forklifts did go to the scrap before 1970 and the old guy did try a few times to locate spare parts from the other two, but did not succeed. The Towmotor is fully usable and orginal excluding the safety cage. That was put on in 1977 together with a 12 volt dynamo. No serial number found so far but on the mast is plate with markings of the Towmotor Comp Mill specifications: rated 4000 Lb.
Best reg Atli stefansson


Heavy machine in the Australia.
(klick on pics)

I'm glad you liked the photos of "Old yella". And I'm in Australia mate. Could keep me posted if anyone comes up with any info !
Thank you





For sale in Denmark

Towmotor model 502
Fitted with an exclusive Towmotor QUADmast - lifting height 20 feet / 600 cm.

Look at the special hydrolic cilinder: Full free lift !
40 years ago !



forklift TCM forklifts


The New York Bronx
This Towmotor is for sale in the Bronx. I think the pic is just like in the movie's playing in this neighbourhood.

Perfect paintjob

Mini Towmotor
Mr Weldon, Florida USA
Hello, I saw your website and wanted to share a few photos of a scale replica Towmotor Forklift That I have. This was my Grandfather's and he got it when he worked for Sharon Steel in Pennsylvania. I believe he received it from a sales representitive of the Tomotor Company. This has real rubber tires and the forks raise and tilt. I have included a few pictures of the box it came in as well. I Must tell you that this is not for sale as it was given to me by my Father and has sentimental value. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  Ken Weldon
  Cocoa, Florida

look at the wheels!

For sale in Holland

One of the first !
Very old towmotor from the '40ties - still in use in Florida (USA)

teer axle has leaf spring suspension.....was still in use approx. 3 mos. ago.....runs well.....Mod. 27B525A, S/N F229

Salutations from Lakeland, Florida.
Current Temp: 82F


Canadian Towmotor
This towmotor was spotted by myself in Golden (Alberta-Canada)
I wish I could take it home....


Overhauling project

I have a towmotor, attached are a few photos of it. It is in pieces right now for general cleaning and fixing leaks.

Details are as follows:

Model – 502SG5024
Serial – 502S660247 5000#

Triple Mast and Added Counter Weight.

Engine: Continental
Serial – 368729
Block# F163A405602R
Tap. CL. IN. 012 EX. 020

Scott Davis
Memphis TN

Click here to see some pics of the result of  Mr Davis' overhauling project



Towmotor toy
Runs on 110 volt power.
50 years old - but in working condition. (Pennsylvania USA)

I'm sorry, but the owner did not want to sell it...

Click here for more Towmotor artifacts

Forklift of the century election
Magazine article concerning my brother winning the the election 'forklift of the century' in Dutch language. ( the past century :-)



Same model - but a little rusty

Hi Geert,
t was nice to hear back from you.  What a surprise to see my little forklift on your webpage!  It was fun.  I rescued it from a guys woods where it had been sitting for about three years after it quit working.  It had been used at a grocery store warehouse to unload the grocery truck deliveries.  The forks and carriage were missing so I had to make my own carriage for the mast and find some forks.  The LP system just needed a tune up and some of the wiring was messed up.  I made some repairs and it started right up.  I use it in my shop for moving the stuff too heavy for me.

I live in Grove City, Minnesota, USA.



To bad...

Canadian Towmotor
This TOWMOTOR was spotted by myself in Lilooet (BC Canada)

My brother, His Towmotor before restauration and his 1962 DEUTZ tracktor.

Same model, but in the US.

I like the contra weight with the TOWMOTOR letters on it

Tomotor with a DETROIT 2 stoke diesel engine
mmm I like that sound !

For sale in the US.

Very strange 9 tons machine
Remark: the shape of most parts is the same as equipped on the smaller Towmotor models. By the way: it's a Towmotor, the owner is named 'Clark' .


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Towmotor in Norwegian harbour museum